Feray Ahsap
Beauty begins at foot and ends at foot

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Foot Files is made from Iroko Wood which is very quality and solid wood are resistant to water, moisture, sun and won't rot in the water. There are two side rasp; one side thick, one side thin for every kind of consumer. Fabric Files are used in product design for smoothness on the feet.


The company Feray Ahsap, is a reliable supplier of wooden foot file, specialized in production of wooden mugs, foot file and other items from IROKO wood.  Feray Ahsap was established in 2011 by Berkay Saltan and since then, this family-owned company has become the strong Turkish company in exporting wooden products.

Our serficates

Feray Ahsap has 3 sertificate for its build quality, materials used in making of products and has no harm on human health